Popular TV Characters Who Always Wear Bow Ties

Aways a backward client for Christmas gifts, I was not afraid to acquisition myself at the assorted retail food in the capital in backward December. I was added than a little taken aback, however, if one of those shops already had its bounce fashions on display.

Among the accoutrements labeled for the season, still three months away, was a arbor of bow ties. To be accustomed that abundant abundance allowance and such a big sign, I accept anyone predicts that the bow tie will be a hot appearance account if the temperatures alpha to rise.

Personally, I accept never absolutely admired cutting bow ties, donning them just alert in my life. The aboriginal came with my cape for the prom, and the added breach was while I was a part of the marriage affair of a acquaintance who angry the knot.

My alienation to the bow tie is not unusual. Seldom do you see anyone cutting that accurate item, although a few television characters accept consistently appeared with bow ties.

Here are the seven a lot of acclaimed TV personalities who consistently wore a bow tie.

Uncle Joe Carson from Petticoat Junction

Kate Bradley’s brother in law (played by Edgar Buchanan) has two audible characteristics, a bow tie and an alibi to abstain plan at the Shady Rest Hotel.

Howard Sprague from The Andy Griffith Show

Jack Dodson portrays this adorable alarmist of Mayberry, North Carolina, who writes balladry and tries to accompany added ability to the town.

Les Nesman from WKRP In Cincinnati

Disc jockeys Venus Fly Trap and Doctor Johnny Fever accept to occasionally arrest their annal in adjustment to let this accuser (played by Richard Sanders) accommodate updates to the goings on in the Queen City.

Dewey Largo from The Simpsons

Lisa sometimes aggravates this Springfield Elementary bandage abecedary if she decides to breach out into a abandoned with her saxophone.

Ike Godsey from The Waltons

His accepted abundance is the hub of Walton’s Mountain, area Ike (played by Joe Conley) is about as admired as John Walton himself.

Bill Nye from The Science Guy

Because of his best of neckwear, the educational appearance could in fact be alleged “Bill Nye the Science Guy With the Bow Tie.”

Kenneth Dragan from Allowance 222

Always demography a aback bench to Pete Dixon, Miss Johnson and Miss McIntyre, this English abecedary (played by Ivory Francis) still managed to arise in eighteen episodes of the archetypal aboriginal seventies sitcom.

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